Оснивач „Сазвежђа ЗАВЕТИНЕ“

Оснивач Сазвежђа ЗАВЕТИНЕ је Господин Белатукадруз (алиас Мирослав Лукић), српски писац, професор књижевности, непрофитни издавач.

The founder of Constellation
1. Full name: Miroslav Lukić
2. Address: Serbia, 11001 Belgrade, Janka Vukotića 1/13
3. Sex: Male

4.Occupation : Magazines and books are big capital investment, eternal money. That is the policy of the Edition «Zavetine», Belgrade’s «Zavetine», which J have started 25 years ago as alternative or editors edition. «Zavetine»  are egzisting almost 25 years without anyone’s monetary help. Serbia isnt’t helping either. When J say Serbia, J mean about our goverment. J have founded and published 4 literal magazines and one anthology («Zavetine», «Tree of life», «Mahogany art», «Third Serbia», «Big storeroom».) Until 2 years ago J have managed to publish 30 magazine numbers. The books J wrote and which had good success enabled me to finance publishing the magazine. Howevere, 2 years ago J coluldnt have managed to finance anymore the magazine, so J started 2 new magazines, because J wanted to find more money to continue my work. Those 2 new magazines were «Identity» and «Special family edition of Zavetina». As the editor of «Zavetine» J have published over the 100 books – from Petar Petrović Njegoš to modern Serbian, Romanian and Russian poets and writers. J printed composed works of 3 Serbian writers, wich were not in the mercy of the rulling regime.
«Zavetine» iz me, and trogh me it reflects the others who are, after all, different. They present another Serbia and world. J have the intention to keep the tradition live, the literature, alchemy, antrophology, religion, old and new Balkanic inheritage, europe and manind, also. J  intent to found the Constellation of «Zavetine», a society or asociaton with  managment in Belgrade, Djerdap,Zvižd and Homolje (eastern Serbia) which will take care of revealing the burried vallues.
We intent to:
–         found the Museum of Edition „Zavetine“ (live tradition and literature),
–         help in renewing people’s sirit, spreading classic and modern literature,
–         release antologies, magazines, and art works – individual and composed.
–         involve the Web presentation, blogs and Internet magazines as a chance to create and advertise a wide circle of gifted individuals,
–         organize meettings of artistic works in which would balcanic valnes and cultures mix,
–         create the zone where the variety of European nations and cultures will mix and create somthing better.

More about „Zavetine“, and  about me, , as the bou could see on the official  Web presentation „Zavetine“ –    ….https://sites.google.com/site/zavetinevirtuelnimuzej/ , https://sites.google.com/site/zavetineagregat/ , http://www.umetnostmahagonija.blogspot.com
With more than 100 books published, „Zavetine“ have  shows  that you can survive as the alternative publisher with worldwide visions. It started in the middle of 1980 / in a terrible conditions. Last few years „Zavetine“ managed to be the creator of two literate awards which with every day get more and more on their valnes. The first one is  called „The tree of life“. It doesn’t  include   money. It is assigned to the artists of different and  represed Serbia. Until today this avard is , assigned to ten authores.
The second and bigger avard is called „The Amblem of secret  letter“ and it is assigned for the first time to poet Aleksandar Lukić. This year we introduced the custom of publishing chosen and composed works same of the winners.
On our website there is a page where you can take over (for freee) sixty boooks and magazines from edition. We are  encouraging  translators  to translate various foreign works on Serbian, and the works of Serbian writers to English, German, French, Romanian, also.
There is a concurse for over 30 new books which are translated. We will specially favorize translations from foreign languages to Serbian and that is  have we will celebrate 25 years of being.
„Zavetine“ will publish these works as digital editions.
Thes means every monetary help from be more than voluable.
My name is Miroslav Lukić,  and J am the autore of this edition and by  my profession J am a professour, writer, publisher, and autor, too.
Bath my sons are helping me in publishing these magazine. Their names are: Dimitrije Lukić, who is a dentist, Ivan Lukić, who is a assistant of mine, my niece Aleksandra Lukić, who is student. My wife Koli Ivanjska is helping, too.

4. Phone number: +  381  65  3006950
5. Nationality: Serbian


Miroslav Lukic, upravnik 
 Редовни „Билтен Сазвежђа ЗАВЕТИНЕ“  


Златни Расуденац ЗАВЕТИНЕ Press


Посебна породична заветина  

11000 Belgrade, Serbia, Serdar Janko Vukotic 1 / 13
Управник Сазвежђа ЗАВЕТИНЕ
Моја Опера:адреса уредника Лукића
М. Лукић, укратко  +381653006950   +381112334899 

Пројекат © 1998-2023. Пројекат Сазвежђе ЗАВЕТИНЕ Издавачка иницијатива Лукић и појединачни носиоци ауторских права.


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  1. mirca pek каже:

    Gospodine Lukicu,

    otkud Vam toliko energije?

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    Та енергија дотиче из изворчића планинских са водом зеленом…

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