Above the book “If I am just a thought” written by Vida Nenadic

Vida NenadicVida Nenadic (Užice, 1964), is without any doubts one of the nicest discoveries during last few years on the topographic map of contemporary Serbian literature. Full affirmation and affection of a wider population she achieved with her novel «Zoo Called London» (2008); although her three books of poetry «The dust of forgetfulness» (2007), «The misty memories» (2007) and «The buckle» (2009) were not less noticed…

The book of chosen poems «If I am just a thought» (published bilingually: in Serbian and English language) is a representative catalogue of her poetry so far, actually it is something what could be called The best of…. in the musical production. It is important to mention that in this poetry book Vida Nenadic appears in three «roles»: as an author of the poems, the editor and someone who made a choice of the poems…  and as a translator of her poems. We must admit that it is something rare, if not in the world’s literature than in ours for a sure… The French poetess and slavist Mireille Robin in her interview for «The word of literature» once said that translation is just a new creation… Vida Nenadic will definitely agree with this thesis as she was constantly having a feeling that she is rewriting the same poems or writing their new versions. All beauty of creation is reflected in that eternal and endless empire of possibilities…

Trough the book which is organized as such, we are coming to the conclusion that themes of poetry written by Vida Nenadic are various, while her thoughts are mainly connected with the key places of survival.

Poems of Vide Nenadic are full of intuitive power and circled with her ideas and thoughts. In her poetry she went into existential problems of life and she wrote in such a specific way about simple things and simple subjects. Trough many lucid poems in her book “If I am just a thought” (out of which, apart from the one that is also the title of the book, we have to mention the other main poems “On the coast of soul”, “I am talking to you”, “Absurdity”, “Nothing is as it used to be”, “Statue” and  “I am not going to tell you the name of the city” which is in the novel “Zoo Called London” the opening to it, like motto of the hole book, the leitmotiv of it, we are realizing that her poetry is made of  ethical postulate – at some moments it is erotic, emotional and full of thoughts and spirit as a reminder. Trough this poems Vida Nenadic publishes a lot of straggles which are necessary for us in order to enrich our lives. Apart from these characteristics, the rebellion side of this poetry is not to be unnoticed. It is reflected in a lot of association, paradoxes, sarcasm and symbols of introspection of blessed life postulates. There is something else worth mentioning: while reading the best poems of Vida Nenadic on one place, one is under impression that this poetry is gaining new quality – her world is now mature; she is now going further in life to create new spaces. She is trying to put into one dialectical vision and one complex ethical thought all that had happened; she wants to translate it in one new message.

In the book “If I am just a thought” the author is looking for the clues and the truths in the urban, daily-mythological and socio-anthropological being and its modernity and nature. While reading this poetry we are mainly noticing that Vida Nenadic, like every other mature poetess, did not bypass the fact that every poetry is the announcements of loneliness of its author and the best way to express her / his world full of individualities. It is a sign of richness or poverty of that world as well as its activity and passivity, aggression and spirituality. In that way Vida Nenadic, like many other authors from the beginning of this century, one side speaks about luck of decent living, about lost of human values, and on the other side, implicitly, she writes touching apotheoses to the trust, friendship, integrity…

It is must to mention that Vida Nenadic had confirmed the sample of authentic poetess, the poetess grown out of herself and out of her time even in her first books. The poetical tool in her books is, as I mentioned in my remarks about “The buckle”, the intimacy with a tendency and reflexion, but it is, we must admit, in an original way, brought up on a universal level. That is why in the poetry and prosaic writings of Vide Nenadic are appearing epiphany shadow visions, which are not only the authors lines but expressions of dilemmas of the current time, the world of internal searching and intimate wonder.

In her literature Vida Nenadic is expressing the spirit of a new human freedom (creative as well as existential). That is a main quality of her writing. Here we are talking about polyvalent poetry which is written in a sharp, allegorical chlorites … in which, we are putting a special stress on it, there is an emotional deepness.

Vida Nenadic is not a poetess which idealizing the world as she notices its bad sides. Dispute of it, she goes through the world with an open heart and widely open eyes. She sometimes refers to that world with a strong criticism in which her stress is on the moral norms. In the poem “Cover yourself up” she writes:

Cover yourself with shame,

if you are running away

from the truth!


She sometimes refers to that wold with a tender, intimeate desire. The best sample for it is in the following part of the poems that is also in the title of this book:

If I am an accidental look

thank you for seeing me.


If I am just a thought

thank you for understanding me.


Vida Nenadic probably would not be a writer and would not be so strong if she was not going further and deeper from external reality frames, if she did not enter its cosmical and spiritual side, as cosmical and spiritual is to broaden the horizonts and open the new once, leading to the new feedoms for human beings. All of it is proving that the poems of Vida Nenadic have grown from density and dramatical events. Their purpose is to be the main dialectical pulsation of life…

Zoran Bognar

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