1.    Agreement in US Military Base in Dayton ended the armed conflict between warring fractions. All three sides walked out defeated from the war: the Serbs of Orthodox religion, the Serbs  of  Islamic religion and the Serbs of Catholic religion.


The sides which declared war were: the Orthodox against Catholics and Muslims together; the Muslims fought against Catholics and Orthodox; the Orthodox and Catholics together against  Muslims; the Muslims and Catholics against each other.

The losses of all of them together were something under 100. 000 soldiers and civilians.The number of victims in percentage roughly coincides with the number believers.

The ones who mostly suffered were Muslims, then Orthodox, and, finally  Catholics.

The number of displaced, refugees, the relocated and expelled ones, from all three confessions, has not been accurately and approximately established yet.

2.    The agreement in Dayton suspended a part of the armed conflict, but it continued a quiet, perfidious religious war that had been lasting for centuries: the war between the Orthodox and Roman Catholic lasts from each crossing of Orthodox Serbs into Catholics and the establishment of Catholic temples in B&H.

The arrival of Turkish Conquerors in Bosnia /1386 – 1878/ brought the Islamization of Orthodox Serbs and their transfer to the religion of Conqueror.

And the Muslims in Bosnia built their places of worship – the mosques.

Rare are those, or they’ve never existed, who grasped the factual state and worked on the establishment of tolerant relation among three sides at lodgerheads within one – Serbian  people.

Turkey authority in Bosnia was on the Muslims’ side, because they were of their religion, and therefore were privileged. This government had had a tolerant relationship to the Roman Catholic believers because it was VATICAN CITY that stood behind them, which was extensively giving favorable financial mortgage to Turkish state.

 The Serbs of Orthodox religion in Bosnia did not have human rights.

3.   The weakening of Turkish power was followed by the strengthening of Catholic factor in Bosnia, behind which, a new invader, Austro-Hungary, was standing, by which it was  open a way for the breakthrough toward eastern and southern Europe. By the decision, brought on Berlin Congress in 1878, these new masters of Bosnia did not touch the aquired inheritance of the Muslims, because they needed their loyalty.

The Serbs, Orthodox ones, who, by the rebellion against Turkish rule Bosnia, from1875 to1878, were partially helping occupation of Bosnia by Austro-Hungarian Empire, hoping they would be better under new invader, further played a second fiddle position and had come to their new uprise again, this time against the new occupier in 1882, but without any visible improvement of their position.

The Orthodox Serbs, in Bosnia, even though they had two Orthodox countries, which, by its religious status, were expected to protect their co-believers in Bosnia, they didn’t do it; Serbia, because it was not strong enough in relation to Turkey and Austro-Hungary so that  it could be a reliable Protector; Russia, which was strong enough, did not help the Orthodox in Bosnia, because it was strictly controlled by its self-interest. So the Russian ambassador in Vienna advised Serbian rebels /in 1875/ to suspend the uprising, to wait until Russia would strengthen enough and then, and then he would’ve released from Bosnia the Turks and joined to Russian Empire. Therefore, Russia would haven’t been a Liberator but a new occupying force.

4.     In Dayton, the Orthodox Serbs, as the only autochthonous people of Bosnia, renounced more than half of  their historic territory, their century’s geographic achievement, being agreed to a  minimum, and that because the American-Jewish lobby took sides with the Serbs of other two religion, which found its expression in NATO pact that had already interfered in religious war of the warring sides, and against the Orthodox Serbs.

The Orthodox Serbs had to agree to a broken off part of Bosnia in extremely unfavorable geographical status, which, in descending armed conflict, could not be defensible. The worst thing here is that the Serbian Orthodox space of Bosnia is consisted of two geographic parts, somewhere, just in the middle, cut by Brčko district, which is populated mainly by the Catholics, and is bordered with Croatia.

All further that originated in the Orthodox part of B&H, which is, in a foreign official circles, called Entity, which in turn means area, and the Orthodox Serbs call it, out of delight, Republic of Srpska, what the others, from ignorance, accept, because republic is attribute to a state, and the Entities do not have that status.

Thus there are two states in B&H – Bosnia and Herzegovina, as an internationally recognized state, and an Entity of Republic of Srpska, as an internationally unrecognized state. That is the state which recognizes itself.

5.     Nothing less anomaly of the two states is to raise Religious Communities of Catholics and Muslims at the level of people. In that way the Serbs, Catholics from BiH converted into Croats, and the Serbs of Islamic religion into Bosniaks.

These Croats are not autochthonous people in B&H, and are not even the settlers from Hungary or Austro-Hungarian state.

Such accurate understanding represented both the science and practice of the first Yugoslavia, and the census of population in the country was being done by religious, and not by national affiliation; against which the then „The Croats“ weren’t instigating  not only from B&H but those from so-called Ban’s Croatia /three cantons in Austro-Hungarian state: Varaždinska, Križevačka and Zagrebačka/.

Other components which are a part of today’s wider Croatia, – and they are: Dalmatia,     Slavonia, Lika, Kordun, Banija –  have never been engaged in any Croatian state, out of the simple reason, and that is that, in the past, such Croatian state had never existed. Istra, which was taken from Italy after World War II and annexed to Yugoslavia, became a part of Croatia, and that no one else in Yugoslavia didn’t ask why to Croatia, and it wasn’t reserved, at least, as an autonomous unit in a neutral status.

Regarding the Serbs of Islamic religion in B&H, they had never declared as a people in the past. When the Serbian people is in question, here a great guilt, for that, should be borne by the Serbian Orthodox Church, which erased from the Serbs all those Serbs  who converted into other religions. Such standpoint of  this church was in itself based on wrong, because the notion of peoples and the notion of religion are two separate and mutually unconditioned concepts. People is a static, or primary category, and belief is a matter of individual’s choice. That is why belief  is not being bound to people anywhere in Europe. Such viewpoint has been being represented by a prominent sociologist from Sarajevo, Esad Ćimić, who found that one doesn’t commit himself/herself for the people but belongs by the birth. The exception here are the children from mixed marriages, which should be left out with the possibility of being able to choose which religion they want to belong to, after being come of age.

In the Second Yugoslavia these children pleaded for Yugoslav nation mostly and the number of these and other, which declared as the Yugoslavs, according to the census population from 1981, exceeded the cipher of 1,240,000.

As regards to the Islamic religion and their national declaration at the end of the Second  World War, there, a new post-war power in Yugoslavia dropped from religious declaration of  population, and Muslim population in BiH wasn’t treated as Serbs which, in fact, they historically are, because there appeared too many of the Serbs in a new state in relation to the others, and it already  included the Muslims as an ethnically uncommitted, and there were over 840,000 of them in BiH .

In the First Yugoslavia, which, so-called Communists, called „Old“, the census of population by faiths bothered no one, because each of them saw its matrix in religion and the confirmation of equality and co-existence. Everyone strenghtened their religious identity in its religion and they felt free to manifest their religious affiliation.

The Second World War upset strongly the relations among faiths in Yugoslavia. Here, the Catholic Church sowed the seed of hatred. There has been a collusion of this church with members of the Islamic Religious Community in B&H, and to mass persecution of the Serbs of Orthodox religion on the overall territory of Independent State of Croatia, which included   annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to which the NDH called off the name, and all with the aim of complete annihilation of the Serbian people of Orthodox religion.

In religious war, which was led from 1992 to 1995 the only thing accomplished was an impasse. Nothing was achieved by that war. It is still unclear why it came to the war in general. It was known in advance that the division of B&H territory couldn’t be done by religious affiliation, because the entire territory of this former Yugoslav republic  is entrapped with Members of all three primary religion, and thus the current religious, artificial divisions at two entities, is permanently unsustainable.

The geographical area of the current Republic of Srpska is so unfavorable that, such as it is, is approximately cut in the half by the district of Brčko, and therefore Republic of Srpska is consisted of two extremely difficult geographical parts. Besides there are parts of the territory where a pedestrian can cross from one to another side of the border in an hour, which means that in any, less armed conflict, between quarreled believers, the territory of Republic Srpska is seriously vulnerable, what, further and still means that Republic of Srpska has already extremely unfortunate public transport connection with its parts /Herzegovina/.

This Serbian Orthodox part of B&H is easily divisible in three parts: Banja Luka’s area from Brčko to the West, Bijeljina’s area to the East, Herzegovina’s part toward the south.

The Muslim Catholic part of B&H, in geographical sense, is something more favorable, and because it is not surrounded by some, called as such, bad neighbours, such as Republic of Srpska.

B&H,  as an unitary geographical territory is much more favorable, more suitable from the other republics of the former Yugoslavia, more favorable than Croatia.

6.     Serbian National aspirations in the past B&H had always regarded as a unique geographical territory only, and as a component of a medieval Serbian state. And, more than 70 percent of the territory of B&H land registry is owned by the Orthodox Serbs.

Present Serbian leadership is completely losing from the sight the historical facts and agrees to a less part of an indivisible B&H and on the constituency of   fictional peoples in B&H /Croats and Bosniaks/, whom, until the second half of the nineteenth century /Croats/, were only the residents of B&H, with the exclusive religious characteristics, and the Muslims of B&H  „produced“ the „Bosniaks“ from the religious group, only in final years of the twentieth century, and the thing that is obvious is that a significant number of Muslims does not want to be Bosniaks are declaring themselves by religious affiliation.

What makes a special anomaly is an understanding of the constituent all „three people in the Serbian Orthodox B&H entity, and so it could be concluded that entity is a small which, again, would mean the status the B&H  had being a Yugoslav republic. Surely this doesn’t fit into the European standards. In Europe all states are national /except for Switzerland/, and all the others  in these states are national minorities, regardless their percentage representation in the population of mother state. Constituency  is a „Communist“ fabrication of Josip Broz Tito and his Jewish and Croatian companions, because they  couldn’t accept the fact that in this, composed according to them, new Yugoslavia, the Serbs have three Republics /Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina/.

The creators of the First Yugoslavia knew for this, and they ‘’cobbled’’ a state by the regions ruled ba a ‘ban,’ and didn’t name them by people  living in them, or by faiths but the rivers /except for the coastal ones/.

Now the constituency of „peoples“ in the Serbian Orthodox Entity is represented at all levels, really, which makes difficult a normal functioning of the Entity, while, in the other Entity, the Muslim-Catholic one, the constituency is only declarative.

Here I set the question of expediency of bloody religious war, which was being run on B&H ground, especially for the Orthodox Serbs, when the others who fought in the war against them, now have become a constituent people and and became equal with the others.

7.     Some pretentious leading politicians from the Serbian Orthodox Entity, which is the worst  thing, are pleading in public  for the repeated redistributing  of the B&H territory, with the aim of introducing the third one, the Catholic Entity. The experts of history know that the introducing of this Entity is actually bringing back of the Independent State of Croatia in Bosnia and  Herzegovina. And what was the NDH  the best testifier is the mass genocide which it carried out in the Second World War, in collusion with Catholics and Muslims from B&H, against the Serbian Orthodox people. Here the real genocide is mattered, where, in the organization of the NDH, there were killed hundreds of thousands women, children, elderly people, in the most brutal way, and where there were burnt the whole settlements, with the property destroyed and robbed. It was a real genocide hidden by Josip Broz, his  Croatian friends and his Serbian vassals.  It was in question a horrible extinction of an enormous number of Serbian Orthodox population of the total territory the then Croatian State. For this mass crimes of genocide those who should’ve been sentenced were are rare ones, and the followers: NDH, the National Republic of Croatia, the Socialist Republic of Croatia and the current Republic of Croatia did not compensate to neither one victim from the terrible massacres of one people. That huge crime was being treated under Broz dictatorship as if it was committed by the army Germany and Italy, which was a notorious lie and fraud. The crime was being done by the racial laws, which was brought by the official Croatian State authority.

And even today there are 82 Croatian camps, for Orthodox Serbs, from that time, which are unmarked and neglected, 110 pits in Lika area, 40 pits in the area of Kordun, 178 pits on the territory of B&H, and a total pits’ number is of 328, and they are of different dimensions, whereto the Croats were throwing and killing the Serbs, and even some of them throwing alive. Before the executions these victims were being tortured in various ways. There wasn’t made the difference between newborn children, women and elderly persons /data taken from the book Lastavica Dane „bottomless pits of the Independent State of Croatia.“

NDH committed the horrible crimes in B&H and its  return to this country, tormented and poisoned with hatred, would mean a complete loss of mind with the Serbian Orthodox people, and, especially, with its intellectuals.

After all, in B&H, as well as in Serbia and Montenegro, by concurrence of different historical circumstances, the different persons were being in power, whom, with their own capacity,  weren’t able to govern successfully the state affairs and weren’t sensitive for a historical moment neither, and pushed the population in difficult circumstances, and often led themselves into the great live risks.

For example, why did Slobodan Milosević spite with the most powerful men on our planet? It was clear, even, to a rural child that NATO decided to have a military base on the territory of Serbia. The military bases have almost all countries in our neighboring countries. The question with the bases could’ve been resolved in a very simple way: ‘’We will give you a base in Kosovo, and you provide us with the contract that Kosovo will never be a state. If neighboring countries receive rent for military NATO bases on its state territory, then it should pay us a rent too. But if the territory for bases are consigned free, then, at the and it better for us also than Kosovo as a state.’’

And what happened is that NATO established forcefully a military base in Kosovo, and Kosovo became a separate state. And then NATO’s bombing of Serbia with the bombs packed with the impoverished uranium, and massive getting sick of Serbian people of breast cancer, and their dying of it; destroyed state infrastructure, killed and wounded a lot of Serbian soldiers and civilians. The only remained was perfidious Commie capon to crow on a Balkan’s dump, afterwards arriving to prison in the Hague, ending his life there.

And this one here, whose name I don’t want to mention, is passionately pushing for the demolition of internationally recognized State of B&H, and the introducing of a Catholic Entity. He is even ready to give a part of the territory of Republic Srpska for that blindess; most likely  Serbian Orthodox Herzegovina and Posavinu, only to rule independently in his jurisdiction of Pasha.

And while those in Serbia shouted „Slobo slobodo (freedom), here people shout „Dodo, Dodo, our Dodo.“ And people seem to never realize that Slobo is not freedom and that ‘’Dodo is not our Dodo but his own Dodo. And how much he is his proves the property, easily acquired for himself, for the grandchildren and grandgrandchildren, and every day  he imposes the new taxes   for the impoverished people; reduces the children’s extra payment, while it is generally known that the Entity in the Serbian Orthodox people is largely being ruled by a white plague.

These so-called Serbian politicians should be going to training courses of history and to learn, at least that much, so that the History does not repeat again, for the third time.

Is there a solution for Bosnia and Herzegovina? YES, THERE IS! Initially all should be returned at the very beginning. It is not easy, but it is possible. Here it is applicable the rule: It is better to go back from the three-quarters of the road, if it is wrong, but not from the whole one. Everything should be returned to the very beginning, and this is absolutely not impossible. It should be established whose Bosnia was before Turkish winning /1386 – 1878/ and Austro-Hungarian Empire occupation from 1878 to 1918. Both occupying forces brought something into Bosnia by its occupation. The Turks yield Islam, and Austro-Hungary the strengthening of Catholic factor. Before the arrival of both forces there were living exclusively Serbian people of Orthodox and Bogumil religion /in a later period a little of Catholics too/.

Therefore, the people of Bosnia were consisted of (and are still)  the Serbs devided in three religion: Orthodox, Catholic and Islamic /ordering has been done by the origin/. The Croats have never lived in Bosnia as an autochthonous people, which can be applicable for the Muslims, currently called Bosniaks. The Croatians and Bosniaks  in B&H are such political fabrications. And that fabrication led B&H to the situation in which it is now. The rising religious communities, Catholics and Muslims, on the level of people – was devastating for B&H, and still is. If Bosnia and Herzegovina does not return to its sources, it will be further plunging into perdition, and there is no such force that will stop that plunging. The introducing of the third – Catholic entity – is not a solution, but in the abolishing of  the two existing, and Brčko District too, and returning of Bosnia into its indivisible border, therefore, in its internationally recognized borders – the state ones.

Territorial division of B&H state should be carried out so that it would be started from the municipalities, districts. Religious communities should be returned  to their worship places; Christians in th Christian churches and monasteries, Muslims in the mosques. Religion should be strictly separated from state, and to return B&H in its secular positions. And regarding the religious affiliation, it should be noted that our Muslims did not come out from their Serbian people, but, by concurrence of historical circumstances, gave the religion primacy.

If Catholics in B&H want to stay Croats let them remain that way, but, then they will have status of national minorities in B&H, as well as all other national minorities in other European countries. This is because the religious groups cannot be constituent people, because they are not in Europe neither.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, as an internationally recognized state and a member of the UNs, is not territorially divisible, and that is because the members of all three main religions are mixed throughout the whole territory of the state; it is not divisible linguistically too because all members of three religion speak the same, their Serbian language. There is no three languages in B&H, because the two religious communities /Islamic and Catholic/ do not have separate languages, nor they had.

Bosnia and Herzegovina should also develop and improve its state sovereignty. Therefore the so-called special relations with Serbia and Croatia should be abolished. If  such ties would retain, it would mean that these two states interfere with the sovereignty and in internal affairs of sovereign State of B& H. The State of B&H should have relations toward these two states as same as to other states, and these relations should be based solely on mutual interests.

There is no merging of Bosnia and Herzegovina either with Serbia or Croatia, both in its entirety and in parts. B&H is an independent and sovereign state.

Bosnia and Herzegovina does not need to invest any special efforts to satisfy the requirements and criteria of European Union. It should not enter into any military alliances, and does not need to send its sons to be killed in unfair wars, for the interests  of imperialistic states.

The residents of B&H need to develop their own country for themselves, to invest their efforts for the benefit of their country and for the progress of it, and in the interest of all, and for good and a better life of all its inhabitants.

Current criminal structures in B&H, which are in power, and which are drenched in mutual hatred and intolerance of peoples in quarrel, and all with the aim to stay in power, and to have an easy-going living on the account of low living standards of robbed and impoverished people, should be removed from power in the early parliamentary elections, by the voter’s ballots and handed in to the judicial authorities.

B&H needs a thorough change as soon as possible. Such situation in the state is unsustainable, and continuing of this B&H situation leads to inevitable fiasco which will not be able to be stopped.

Peoples of B&H of all three confessions come to your senses and realize seriousness of the situation in which the State of B&H is, as current management of Bosnia and Herzegovina leads in hopelessness and destruction.

The solution that is offered here is the only possible and the best one. The young educated generations should take destiny of the state in their  obligation, because everything done in this country so far is beneficial and detrimental to the young generation.

Here, by clever treatment no one loses, and all equally receive: the Serb Orthodox, and the  Serbs of Islamic and Catholic religion, and the atheists from all three religion – all get. The best name for all would be: the Serbs Bošnjani, where this „Bošnjani“ would mean geographical determinant.

At the end: it is the young people to form a party of reconciliation and tolerance, because Bosnia and Herzegovina belongs to them, and to them it  remains.

 16th March, 2011                                                                                                       

                                                                                                                Dušan Bursać

                                                                                                Aleja Svetog Save St. No.: 16/2

                                                                                                                  Banja Luka



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