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Цвет бундеве, 9. јул 2013. Звижд, с-и Србија. Фотодокументација "Заветине"

Цвет бундеве, 9. јул 2013. Звижд, с-и Србија. Фотодокументација „Заветине“

Мирослав Лукић Бела Тукадруз • Until the fall of 2010, when I, as a publisher, encountered a catalogue of paintings, where two immediately caught my attention: Devil of God and God of Devil, by a
completely unknown and, we should say straight away, a foiled painter. Until that fall, I repeat, the sand dunes were growing, the draught in the deserts of our modern poetry and art in general threatened with a disaster that would not affect many. I could have
overlooked a painter who has been concealing her gift for decades, holding back the woman and the beast within, if fate had not intervened, angel, the magic of dance coming out of the dark matrix. That is how it began, indescribable and unpredictable: we have joined the secret circle of impact, desert and jungle. Between the paintings
and the words, the poems and the riddle of crucified continuance and cries frozen on the canvas, distances were great as between the Sahara and the Amazon, the Doppelgänger and the Doppelgängerin, snake as white as frost and the anaconda,
great dust and great water. Immersing myself into the catalogue of paintings by a foiled painter, I was feeling some unknown fear or terror – perhaps it was suffering caused by the approach of a future that I had never even thought of before? What has unearthed and fed a desert of poetry – I can write this, can I – if it has done so indeed
– the geometry of dream, the spirit of dream awakening the body, and the spirit of the artist unstuck from his I? The sensitivity whose pirouettes were foiled by the essence of rainforest, driving the painter into petrified irresoluteness, to be someone else,
occasionally giving herself away to devious calm? Rainforest of the Amazon would never be the way it is if, by any chance, the favor of storms and deserts far away should end. The rainforest carries in itself the defiance against lethargy and badlands,
and yet, its Other I is the desert, the Sahara that feeds it. Those rainforest needs carried clandestine temptations, even deeper than hidden thoughts. The energy of the rainforest and its clandestine temptations is more powerful than the peaks of all
known civilizations. The opposites possess enormous strength of their differences, which big storms and vortices carry from time to time, and mix, so a new meaning could be created.

James Dooney • sounds good man !



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